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Search Optimization in the Distributed Networks (HTML) (240 K) 5 Dec 2002.
Do superpeers really improve the peer-to-peer network search performance and why exactly does it happen? What limits the superpeer network search performance? Are there any better-performing alternatives to the superpeers? What is the best theoretically achievable search performance of the peer-to-peer network? All these questions are answered in this study.
The Flow Control Algorithm for the Distributed 'Broadcast-Route' Networks with Reliable Transport Links (HTML) (80 K) and Word Document (120 K). Created: 25 Jan 2001.
This document describes the theoretical approach to the flow control in the distributed Gnutella-type networks. If you are a Gnutella developer, do not try this at home immediately - there are many nontrivial implementation issues that have been left outside this document scope for the lack of space and time.

In the real-life Gnutella network some things can be done simpler than described here; other, on the contrary, require a careful consideration and special algorithms (especially the issues related to the stream multiplexing in the discrete packet case).

The next document covers these issues; this one just gives a theoretical background to explain the suggested approach to the Gnutella flow control problems.

The Implementation of the Flow Control Algorithm for the Distributed 'Broadcast-Route' Networks in the Finite Message Size Case (HTML) (270 K) and Word Document (400 K). Created: 5 Apr 2001.
This document describes the practical approach to the flow control implementation. It is pretty big, since there's a lot of space occupied by the answers to 'whys'. The answers to 'hows' - the practical algorithms themselves - are referenced in its 'Summary' section.

This approach was never implemented in full - just some limited-scope experiments and simulations were performed. Surprises can be fully expected.

Infosphere: Tilting the Balance. (Internet Evolution and Nanotechnology). (HTML) (53 K) and Word Document (94 K). Created: 30 Mar 2001.
This is an attempt to look into the future of the infinitely scalable distributed Gnutella-type protocols and to show how these protocols might be used in the context of the future nanotechnology development.
Let's be Careful with Numbers, Okay? (HTML) (10 K). Created: 6 Jul 2001.
A short comment to the articles comparing MusicCity (Kazaa) and Gnutella networks.

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